Q&A: Is it difficult to bond with an adult sugar glider?

Bonding With An Adult GliderQ: I am considering adopting an adult glider. A friend has one and wishes to give it to me. Will it be more difficult for it to bond than a baby. What other problems might I consider?

A: Bonding with an adult sugar glider is more difficult than bonding with a baby, but it is not impossible.  It takes more time and patience, but after a while, you should be able to form a strong bond with your glider.

If possible, try to get acquainted with the glider before you take it home.  Go to your friend’s place and wear the glider around your neck (close to your heart) for a short time each day before you bring it home with you.

It will be best to keep the cage the glider has been living in and leave it in the same condition as it was before bringing it to your place.  The glider may experience some depression or withdrawal from its previous home, but as it becomes more comfortable with you, the bonding process will become easier.

Each glider is different, so everything will depend on the glider’s personality.  My glider loves exploring new surroundings, but other gliders might be afraid of new surroundings.  As long as you provide a safe and stable environment for your glider and give it enough attention, you will be able to bond and have yourself a loyal, wonderful pet!