Sugar Glider Pictures

This is my sugar glider, Pokey.

Pokey eating a mini watermelon.

Pokey hanging out in her pouch.

Pokey is getting a little taste of whatever was in that glass.

Pokey is chilling in her nest box. I wonder if she knows those leaves are fake.

Here she is in her nest box again, and you can see her cage and some of her toys.

Who knew the laundry hamper could be so fun?


  1. I would like to purchase a sugar glider

  2. I like sugar gliders

  3. I have a sugar glider but it bites, how can I stop this?

    • When your glider bites you, you can try making a “PSSST” sound. This is the sound gliders would make to each other to say “STOP IT.” You can also try blowing some air at him to startle him so he doesn’t bite. Bonding with your glider should also help because he will start to trust you more.

  4. i whant to adopt a suger glider but need help finding a good place that will not cost me

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