Q&A: How do I get my sugar glider to play?

Sugar Glider PlayQ: I have a 9 month old male, got him at 6 months, he had never bonded with anyone. He gets up at about 8 pm and goes to bed at about 7 am. I keep him in my shirt pocket all day. When I get him out of my pocket he wants to go right back in, like he is shy. How do I get him to play?

A: Sugar gliders can be really timid.  I would keep encouraging your boy to get off your body and explore.  Do you have toys around that he can play with?  Are there things to climb on?  Try putting him somewhere where he can climb, like the curtains, and step away to let him explore.

If he tries to come back to you, take him off your body again.  Be persistent in this so he becomes more comfortable off your body.

One thing I do with my glider is put treats around the room for her to find while she plays.  I have a fake plant that she loves to climb, and I’ll put some treats in the pot for her to find.

Another thing you can try is getting a ball (usually made for hamsters) that you can put him in.  He can run around the house while feeling secure.  Some gliders like this and others don’t.  My sugar glider does not like being put in a ball because she’d rather explore, but if your boy is afraid, maybe he’ll feel safe in there to run around.

If you’re persistent in making your baby explore off your body, he should become more and more comfortable with it.  It will probably take time and patience, but when he starts to climb and play, it will be so much fun.


  1. patsy marshall says:

    is it ok to give my sugar glider avocados?

  2. Valerie Kohrmann says:

    I’m worried, my boyfriend gave my glider a couple grapes….. ?

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