Sugar Glider Care

The decision to get a sugar glider as a pet is one that you should consider carefully.  Although they make wonderful pets, you should remember that … [Read More...]

Sugar Gliders As Pets

If you are interested in getting sugar gliders as pets, there are some things you need to take into consideration first. Although sugar gliders do … [Read More...]

Sugar Glider Book – Advice From Experienced Sugar Glider Owners

I put this book together to help other sugar glider owners get the best information on how to care for their sugar gliders. With all the information available on the internet, it is hard to know what to trust. There is a lot of contradictory advice, so how do you know who to listen to? […]

How Do I Glider Proof A Room?

When glider proofing a room, you should go through the room and assess any potential hazards to your glider. You can basically think of your glider as a toddler and approach it the same way you would as baby proofing. You will need to check for any gaps that a glider could squeeze through. A […]

Sugar Glider Cage

Preparing an appropriate sugar glider cage is the first thing you need to do when you get a pet glider. For a pair of gliders, you will need a cage that is at least 24″W X 24″D X 36″H. Bird cages are sufficient, but cages made specifically for sugar gliders are better. Sugar gliders like […]

Q&A: Sugar Glider Cage and Toys

Q: I am getting a Sugar Glider, and need to know where to get a sugar glider cage in southern WV. Mine is way too small. Also, will bird toys, and hamster toys work? Baby toys even? He only has a wheel. Plus a hard-plastic tube for bed-time. A: I am not familiar with where […]

Sugar Glider Bonding

Sugar glider bonding is important whether you have a baby or an adult. Bonding with adults might be more difficult than bonding with a baby, but it is not impossible. I bonded with my sugar glider when she was about 10 months old. I am limited to discussing my experience and therefore cannot comment on bonding with a baby younger […]

Q&A: Is it difficult to bond with an adult sugar glider?

Q: I am considering adopting an adult glider. A friend has one and wishes to give it to me. Will it be more difficult for it to bond than a baby. What other problems might I consider? A: Bonding with an adult sugar glider is more difficult than bonding with a baby, but it is not […]

Q&A: What is the best way to pick up a sugar glider from the cage?

Q: A friend of mine just gave me her sugar glider because she no longer had time for it. Now that I have him in my home, I am kind of scared to pick him up out of his cage because I’m afraid he will get away from me. What is the best way/time to […]