Q&A: Sugar Glider Cage and Toys

Sugar Glider PouchQ: I am getting a Sugar Glider, and need to know where to get a sugar glider cage in southern WV. Mine is way too small. Also, will bird toys, and hamster toys work? Baby toys even? He only has a wheel. Plus a hard-plastic tube for bed-time.

A: I am not familiar with where you could get a cage in WV, but it would probably be best to purchase one online if you cannot find one in your area. My cage is from Custom Cage Works, and they have a large selection of sugar glider cages to choose from here: http://www.cageworks.com/cages/88. You can also find many other places online to buy a cage if you just browse around.

Bird, hamster, and baby toys will work as long as there are no choking hazards.  Do not give your glider anything wooden because the wood can splinter and hurt your gliders mouth.  Also, don’t give your glider anything with seeds.  Hamsters like to have toys with seeds but this isn’t good for a glider, so avoid things like that.

My glider has a few fake branches in her cage (usually designed for birds) and she loves them.  Check out my post about sugar glider cages, because I give some tips for how to decorate and design the cage.  And most definitely, you’ll want to put some sort of comfy pouch in your cage for bedtime.  A plastic tube might be fine but gliders like to be in pouches, preferably hanging from up high, while they sleep.

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