Q&A: Is it difficult to bond with an adult sugar glider?

Bonding With An Adult GliderQ: I am considering adopting an adult glider. A friend has one and wishes to give it to me. Will it be more difficult for it to bond than a baby. What other problems might I consider?

A: Bonding with an adult sugar glider is more difficult than bonding with a baby, but it is not impossible.  It takes more time and patience, but after a while, you should be able to form a strong bond with your glider.

If possible, try to get acquainted with the glider before you take it home.  Go to your friend’s place and wear the glider around your neck (close to your heart) for a short time each day before you bring it home with you.

It will be best to keep the cage the glider has been living in and leave it in the same condition as it was before bringing it to your place.  The glider may experience some depression or withdrawal from its previous home, but as it becomes more comfortable with you, the bonding process will become easier.

Each glider is different, so everything will depend on the glider’s personality.  My glider loves exploring new surroundings, but other gliders might be afraid of new surroundings.  As long as you provide a safe and stable environment for your glider and give it enough attention, you will be able to bond and have yourself a loyal, wonderful pet!


  1. I was gave a 3 year old glyder that was not tame at all, I have had him about 1 month. He wants to stay in his cage some days I think I have made progress then it is like starting over with him. He want to stay in his red pouch he does not like any of the rest one night he might eat and play in his cage next night will not play or eat. I finally moved is cage in my bedroom at night I thought maybe being alone was it. Not so and i move his cage during the day in the living room where he is not alone. I have to trick him to come out he doesn’t crab with me but I don’t no what else to do he is not fixed and I don’t want babies and I spend a lot of time with him but he looks so sad. WHAT TO DO, PLEASE HELP

    • Try wearing him during the day in a pouch around your neck, close to your heart. Wearing them is a big part of the bonding process. He would probably be happier with another glider companion, but if you cannot get another glider, work on bonding with him more.

  2. jennifer says:

    last night my boyfriend brought home 5 sugargliders which dont seem to be tame at all. they try to attack us and bite us when we try to get them in the bonding pouch and nearly refuse to stay in it long enough to zip it up. they seem to range from about 6 months to a year in age. they have been kept in their original cage and wed like to bond with them but they seem resistant. it almost seems like theyve been neglected. The lady we got them from seemed a mess and had atleast 200 pets and the home was a mess. could the change in environment cause this temperment? Apparently they were also bred as she had mentioned the males eating the babies. please help us figure out how to tame these new suar gliders

  3. My male sugar glider loves to get out and play running around the room but lately all he likes is to do is run all over me and bite me everywhere is he play or what.

  4. I have an 11 week old baby. He crabs at me all the time. If I am near him he is screaming at me. If he is in the bonding pouch he is screaming at me. I have him by my bed to get used to me and he wakes me up screaming at me. He attacks my hands when I feed him and goes out of his way to bite me….. I have only had him a week. Any tips?

  5. Sherman Bone says:

    I want to get sugar gliders but the ones I see are pregnant and the male protective what do you suggest I will be a new owner so please help me

  6. Mercedes Lampshade says:

    In April, my uncle who owned several gliders had an aneurysm and went into the hospital. The next day, only one of the gliders was still alive. His roomates have kept it alive untill a few weeks ago, when my uncle got out of the hospital and I moved in with him. I renamed the glider Henry and have been trying to bond with him so he isn’t so lonely, but he gets grumpy very easily. I am worried about Henry’s mental health as he has been alone for five months. How long will it take for him to bond to me? Do you have any suggestions? Are there any warning signs I should look out for? Please help

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